Custom Software’s I-Company includes I-Biz, I-Broker, and CSIO download modules to provide the Insurance Company with a complete integrated solution. Each module is also available as a standalone product.

The complete Company-to-Broker solution will communicate / integrate with the Company Policy Management and Accounting System (PMS). The solution will provide CSIO capabilities, web connectivity to the Company via a Web Portal, including support for other BMS communications tools in the market, plus I-Biz for Brokers running IntelliQuote from CSSI. Over 400 API methods supporting insurance carriers, vendors and service companies.





CSSI's I-Biz enables real-time electronic data exchange for policy issuance and policy change processing from a single-entry, multiple-company (SEMCI) interface.


With I-Biz, edited and underwritten application risk data is exchanged between the broker and the carrier insurance company to allow policy issuance and policy change processing with exception-only underwriting intervention from a SEMCI interface. The processed policy data that flows back to the broker’s office automatically updates the broker’s policy/client management, accounting, and billing systems.

What can I-Biz do for you?

  • Current productivity measurements (as supplied by insurance carriers) indicate a productivity increase of 1,100 percent in auto transactions and 800 percent in habitational transactions (references available on request).
  • Broker clients report a 100 percent increase in productivity by volume with experienced brokers and up to 30 percent decrease in overall expense (references available on request).
  • Productivity gains and operating cost savings have resulted in over 30 percent net profitability by brokerage offices.
  • The system has demonstrated up to 85 percent straight-through processing, which means no human intervention once the transaction has been completed by the broker.


CSSI's I-Broker, which is non-vendor-specific, enables I-Biz tools and advantages on a Company web portal. The automated upload system allows for all of the benefits of I-Biz for the Insurance Company.